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DT_Deep Images

My new tutorial on compositing DEEP images on Nuke is out on Digital Tutors.


Check it out here http://www.digitaltutors.com/tutorial/1725-Understanding-and-Compositing-Deep-Images-in-NUKE

Feel free to message me if you have any questions.


A new tutorial on the online platform Digital Tutors, covering DEEP Images compositing in Nuke is coming soon.

More details to come!

My new tutorial is out where we will take a look at different ways to light an interior scene using Arnold for Maya.

We will cover setting up our shaders and using different light sources to create different moods in our image. We will also take a look at Arnold render settings and its shader-based AOVs.

By the end of this training you should be more familiar with getting the look you want in an interior scene.


Digital Tutors


Digital Tutors Tutorial

My new Digital Tutors tutorial will be out this Monday, June 3rd.

Check it out


Visit Digital Tutors

Digital Tutors

Through the Breaking Glass

For the past couple of months I have been working on the post-production of the new short film by award winning director Ivan Mena Tinoco.

An original story inspired by the amazing work of Lewis Carroll, this short film has the participation of dozens of internationally renowned artists from all over the planet.

Check out the Facebook page for more news about this upcoming short film

Through the Breaking Glass on Facebook

More about director Ivan Mena Tinoco here

Through the Breaking Glass
Through the Breaking Glass

Supporting the VFX Comunity
VFX Protest

The Oscar protest that you didn’t know


If you watched the Academy Awards tonight, you may have noticed an awkward music cut-off during the Life of Pi Visual Effects acceptance speech.  It may have looked like they were just stopping a long running speech, but in truth the speaker was about to mention a hot button topic of the evening, and many people think it was cut short intentionally to hide the truth.

Most viewers were unaware of this incident and most media outlets failed to report on it, but outside the Dolby Theater, there were over 400 picketers protesting the poor state of the visual effects industry.  Although it was being ignored on the televised broadcast, it started gaining momentum online during the ceremony, and is finally getting the media attention it was lacking.

So what is the protest about?
The film Life of Pi was nominated for Visual Effects (and won!), but sadly the studio that did the effects for the movie (Rhythm & Hues) had to file for bankruptcy a few weeks ago, and laid off close to 250 employees.  The protest was named “A Piece of the Pi” to show that the VFX studio behind the film wasn’t getting their share of its success.

As the days go, I will be updating and uploading more and more projects I have worked on. This will take some time, but I expect to be up to date in less than 2 weeks.

www.mdelosrios.com is finally up. After some long night of work, and valuable help from friends, it is up and functional